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Join the Sacramento Regional Coalition for Palestinian Rights in demanding that our government end its support for the Israeli government’s war crimes and other violations of human rights and international law.  Contact us at:

♦  Tell Assemblymember Kevin McCarty: Don’t go on Israel propaganda trip   Sacramento’s CA Assemblymember McCarty has been again invited to attend another junket to Israel by the America-Israel Friendship League (AIFL), a pro-Israel advocacy organization that states its “sole purpose is to make friends for the State of Israel through activities intended to improve the general perception of Israel.” Legislators pay for airfare (likely at taxpayers expense); AIFL pays for everything else.
McCarty also went on a political indoctrination trip to Israel when he was on the City Council.
Contact McCarty now:
   ▪ Capitol office: 916-319-2007 – Fax: 916-319-2107
▪District: 915 L St, #110, 95814; 916-324-4676, fax: 916-327-3338.
▪ Email:, cc district director Terry Schanz,  Click to email through website.
▪ Website email: Tweet: @ASMKevinMcCarty

Why officials like McCarty should say no to Israeli propaganda trips:
     These trips are designed to conceal the reality of Israel’s grave violations of the human rights of the Palestinian people and to portray Israel – one of the mightiest militaries in the world – as the victim in its own occupation and unlawful colonization of the Palestinian territories.
In a July 2018 propaganda tour led by the American Jewish Committee, Assembly members were led around upscale cities like Tel Aviv, exclaiming over what “a happy, peaceful place” Israel is, while some 20 miles away in Gaza, Israeli soldier-snipers were killing and grievously wounding unarmed civilians – thousands in the past five months, including children, journalists and medics.
U.S. taxpayers give Israel nearly $4 billion a year, while Israel violates human rights with impunity and lobbies Congress to undertake unnecessary, expensive and life-destroying wars.
By attending such events, officials are also aligning themselves with the destructive policies of the Trump administration including moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and cutting all funding to Palestinians while Israel continues to receive billions of US dollars. These policies underscore and expose the damaging bias of the U.S. in ignoring Israel’s abuses of international conventions and law.
Learn more: Read Jewish Voice for Peace letter to California legislators asking them not to go on the AIFL propaganda trip to Israel.

♦ Tell Congress (202-224-3121) to end all U.S. aid to Israel.

♦ Sign petitions in support of Palestinian rights.

 Boycott Hewlett-Packard and other companies that support Israel’s abuses.

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♦ See calendar for more community peace & justice events.

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