Join the Sacramento Regional Coalition for Palestinian Rights in demanding that our government end its support for the Israeli government’s war crimes and other violations of human rights and international law.  
Contact us at: 
SacReg4PalestinianRights@gmail.comFacebook, @sac4palestine


►Monday, Sept. 19, 2022 Global Day of Action to demand #UNinvestigateApartheid and stop ethnic cleansing of Masafer Yatta.  
Call your Congressional Representative and Senators 202.224.3121 and tell them to:
1) Speak out against Israel’s ethnic cleansing of the town Masafer Yatta.
2) Tell the UN it is time to hold Israel accountable, re-activate its anti-apartheid mechanisms and impose lawful and targeted sanctions, as it did to end apartheid in South Africa. 
Click here for more info and more actions on Masafer Yatta
Click here for more info and actions on #UNinvestigateApartheid

►Saturday, October 1, 2022 Gaza 5 K walk/run to support the United Nationals Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA)’s mental health counselors in Gaza.
Participate at either in San Mateo at Coyote Point Park or in Sacramento at 8am Southside Park ,6th & U Sts. For more info, to donate, or to join the team and fund raise for either location, please click to register with the Sac4Palestine/SRCPR team site and use the 50% discount code, SACRAMENTO50.  For info about carpooling to San Mateo, email dlmandel@gmail.com. For other questions, email debcondon@aol.com

Saturday, October 8, 2022 @10am, Rev. Mitri Raheb of Bethlehem, Palestine will speak in person at St. John’s Lutheran, 1701 L St, Sacramento. (The event will also be live streamed). Rev. Raheb is the author of several books including, Faith in the Face of Empire: the Bible Through Palestinian Eyes and Resisting Occupation: A Global Struggle for Liberation. Click for more info and to register.

► No Tech for Apartheid. Hear a former Google employee, who recently quit her job at Google after claiming it retaliated against her for opposing its growing partnership with the Israeli military, offered a chilling, insiders’ view of the company. Click to watch.


Take the Pledge: Give PUMA the Boot Until It Ends Support for Illegal Israeli Settlements.
Let Puma know you will respect the call from Palestinian teams and athletes to #BoycottPuma until it ends support for illegal Israeli settlements pushing Palestinians off their land.

Sign Petition demanding justice for Shireen Abu Akleh, journalist assassinated by Israeli military.

Send letters to Congress to stop mass displacement in Masafer Yatta.

Ukraine and Gaza

Is This Israel’s South Africa Moment? | The Nation

Amnesty International: Israel’s Apartheid Against Palestinians. See YouTube video:

● No Dough for the Occupation. Don’t buy Pillsbury products. Click to sign petition

 Tell Amazon and Google: No Tech for Apartheid
Join Amazon and Google workers in demanding that their companies end all ties
with Israeli apartheid and end the Project Nimbus $1.22 billion contact to provide
cloud technology to the Israeli government and military.  This technology will be
used against the Palestinian people. Click to send a message to Amazon & Google.

Protect Palestinian Children from the Israeli Military
Tell your U.S. Representative (Matsui, Bera, Garamendi, others) to support
HR 2590, the “Defending the Human Rights of Palestinian Children and Families
Living Under Israeli Military Occupation Act.”  Click to take action.

 Tell Puma: Stop Supporting the Israeli apartheid regime’s oppression of the
Palestinian people.