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No Dough for the Occupation: Boycott Pillsbury
Pillsbury is making products in one of Israel’s illegal colonies in Palestine’s West Bank, the Atarot Industrial Zone. The company is exploiting land, water, and other resources that were captured by force from their legal Palestinian owners, in violation of international law—and directly profiting from the illegal occupation and colonial dispossession.
Here is what you can do:
● Don’t buy any Pillsbury products.
Send a message to General Mills CEO to stop manufacturing on stolen land.
● Contact Pillsbury through their website and tell them you are boycotting their products until they end all operations in the occupied territories.. Click General Questions, click “complaint”, “other”, “very disappointed”, then on “Next” to leave your message.
● Tell your friends, family and others not to buy Pillsbury.
More information:

Don’t buy products that support Israeli’s occupation:
Here are some active campaigns:
Boycott Pillsbury
Boycott Puma
Boycott Hewlett-Packard
● Boycott Israeli wines including from Psagot and others
For more info about boycotts of companies profiting from Israel’s brutal occupation of Palestine, click here.           

Tell our Reps they can’t keep ignoring Palestinian rights, including home demolitions.
Thanks to the BBC, the world knows about Israel’s recent disgusting and horrible demolition of 76 Palestinian homes and related structures in early November 2020.
While, 41 members of Congress signed a November 17, 2020 letter asking the U.S. State Department to condemn these demolitions, area representatives Matsui, Bera and Garamendi were not among them.
Click to email: Matsui, Bera, Garamendi, other representatives.
Your message can be short, here is a sample:
Tell me why, if you support human rights and families, that you did not join your colleagues in signing the November 17, 2020 letter asking the U.S. State Department to condemn Israel’s recent mass destruction of Palestinian homes. For more information, please go to:

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