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Join the Sacramento Regional Coalition for Palestinian Rights in demanding that our government end its support for the Israeli government’s war crimes and other violations of human rights and international law.
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► Tell CNN to reinstate Dr. Marc Lamont Hill who was fired for speaking up for Palestinian rights. 

►Tell Senator Kamala Harris to oppose the Israel Anti-boycott Act S 720 (HR 1597) that would criminalize some forms of support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) effort directed at entities that profit from Israel’s abuses.

Call 202-224 -3553 or  email Harris with a short message:  Boycotting is constitutionally protected free speech. Boycotting companies that profit from Israel’s human rights abuses is not anti-Jewish, it is pro-human rights. Oppose the Israel Anti-boycott Act.

►Tell Senator Cory Booker the same thing. Shamefully, Booker used the Pittsburg massacre to justify supporting criminalizing boycotts of human rights-violating Israel. Call 202-224-3224 or email.

►Support free speech in LA: On 11-6-18, the Los Angeles City Council voted to ask UCLA to cancel Students for Justice (SJP) in Palestine event. UCLA first canceled then reinstated the event.
Send a message to the City Council, emails below, and to UCLA Chancellor Gene Block demanding that they stand up for free speech instead of attacking it. Tell them that nonviolent advocacy for Palestinian rights is about justice and equality. Falsely accusing SJP and others of being anti-Jewish is nothing but a transparent attempt to silence them. Ask the City Council to rescind its previous anti-free speech request that the SJP conference be cancelled and instead issue a statement that supports our constitutionally protected right of free speech.
City council address:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Demand that Israel free Palestinian human rights defender Khalida Jarrar.  The Israelis have held Jarrar without charges for over a year in violation of her human rights.  She is an elected member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, the legislative body of the Palestinian Authority.
Ask California’s senators: Dianne Feinstein and Kamela Harris and Representatives Doris Matsui, Ami Bera, John Garamendi, or your representative to demand that Jarrar be released immediately. Ask Israeli  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to release her now.

More Actions:

♦ Tell Congress (202-224-3121) to end all U.S. aid to Israel.

♦ Sign petitions in support of Palestinian rights.

♦ Boycott Hewlett-Packard and other companies that support Israel’s abuses.

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♦ Click here for more actions.

♦ See calendar for more community peace & justice events.

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