Current Events (click for flyer)

- Tuesday, April 15, 2014, 4-6pm: Protest U.S. aid to Israel!  No more taxes for war, occupation or colonization. 16th & J Sts. Sacramento. FMI;

- Saturday, April 19, 2014, 6:30pm: The Soldier and The Refusnik. Israeli activists talk about their solidarity work to end Israel’s occupation of Palestine. Friends Mtg Hse, 890 57th St, Sacramento. All welcome to a potluck Seder at 5:30pm.

- Wednesday, April 23, 2014, Palestine Awareness Day  10am-3pm: Cultural Fair with poetry, spoken word, music, food, films, info, speakers.  7pm: Alison Weir, founder of  Cosumnes River College,  8401 Center Pkwy, Sacramento. 916-676-3487

- Friday, April 25, 2014, 7pm, Film: Al Helm (the Dream) MLK in Palestine, Unity, 9249 Folsom Blvd. Sacramento.  Free admission.

- Join Sacramento BDS on Saturdays for boycott SodaStream bannering and Leafleting. Email for locations.

Take Action for Palestinian rights:

1. Tell Congress NO more U.S. aid to Israel: Call 202-224-3121 and/or

2. Sign these petitions for Palestine:

3. Don’t buy Israeli products or invest in companies that profit from Israel’s occupation and colonization of Palestine.  Check out:  9 Brands you can boycott to hold Israel accountable for its violations of International Law

4. Come to demonstrations and events (see below). Sign up to receive notices of upcoming events:

5. Spread the word to your friends, colleagues, community members.

6. Be your own billboard: Wear a “Got Human Rights? Palestinians don’t” and put a “I support a Palestinian Rights” bumper sticker on your call. To order, contact:


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The Boycott of Israeli Apartheid is Working

 The global boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement started by Palestinian civil society in 2005 has had significant victories, including divestment and product, cultural and academic boycotts.  BDS’s success has Israeli ministers discussing using lawyers and the Mossad (Israeli secret service with a history of violence) to fight it (Middle East Monitor (2/13/14).
semblymembers and Senators Inside the U.S., the Israel-right-or-wrong lobby has supported the introduction of anti-BDS legislation, HR 4009, in Congress as well as bills in the New York and Maryland state legislatures.

 ►Take Action:  Contact your Representatives and Senators and ask them to oppose HR 4009, the Orwellian so-called “Protect Academic Freedom” Act that is intended to stop the use of the non-violent tool of institutional boycott when used to pressure Israel.  Click for more info .  Also contact your State Senators and Assembly members and tell them you oppose any California legislation like HR 4009.
(Note: State Legislatures in New York and Maryland have introduced anti-boycott legislation also.)  Text of HR 4009 is available at:{%22search%22:[%22HR%204009%22]}

Stop Destruction of Palestinian Homes: Contact Congress about your tax dollars being used to support Israel’s destruction of Palestinian homes, including those of 27 families last week in the Jordan Valley. Call: 202-224-3121 or email Reps: Matsui; Bera; Garamendi; McClintock; other reps. Senators Boxer and Feinstein

Take Action: Ask the Sacramento City Council to rebuke malicious and baseless charges that members of the Coalition “have a propensity to engage in violence against people or property”.This accusation was made by the Chair of the Ashkelon Sister City Committee, who also is the President of the Jewish Federation of Sacramento – an organization which uncritically promotes Israel and its policies. Contact Mayor and City Council at: for more info.

►Saturdays: join Sacramento BDS in boycott SodaStream bannering and leafleting, email for more info.

► Take Action:  Click for 7 things you can do for Palestine this week.

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